The WORD exists for the purpose of presenting God's Word in music for the people of God. We've done our best to make some good music with the best words (straight from the Bible), but in the process of listening to the music, memorization of scripture is made a simpler task even for those who think they cannot memorize. We began in the mid-nineties, known then as "Life/Song." Since that time we have released five CD's available free of charge. ( If someone tells you nothing is free anymore, direct him to our website. )
Joshua 1:8 teaches that success and prosperity come as a result of meditation "day and night" on God's Word, "this book of the law."
       (We believe this success and prosperity to be  according to the Lord's definition,
                      which may differ from our definition-
                                      but His definition of success is the one that matters.)
Now meditation day and night can be an arduous task,
        But it is made easier by memorization of passages of the Bible.
                Once Bible passages are memorized, we are enabled to meditate on His Word at any time
                          without having a Bible in hand. Even in the dark after lights out.
Now memorization is also an arduous task.
        But it is made easier by singing His Word put to music.
                That is where we come in. We've done the hard work for you.
                          Download us, or contact us for a free hard copy CD,
                                 then take us everywhere and listen to us,
        and you may find yourself singing along and memorizing His Word almost effortlessly.
                Then in your spare time, waiting for a bus, or while driving, or in the tub,
                          or sitting in the dentist chair, or washing dishes, or at work, or in a dull routine task,
                                      just recall the words, and meditate on what you have memorized, letting Him speak to your spirit and,
                                                    your own spiritual success is on the way.
We were honored to learn of a terminally ill man who listened to our music constantly in his last weeks of life for comfort and focus.

And of home-schoolers using our music for Bible memorization curriculum requirements.

Also, a scripture memorization program is especially important for those struggling
                          to overcome the negative effects of a horrendous past life,
.                                          by replacing years of wrong input in our heart
                                                          with the pure WORD of God.  ( I am witness. )
         As a new believer years ago, the Lord placed me in a Spirit-led fellowship of believers. Scripture put to music was a goodly part of the worship.
There I learned dozens of one or two line scripture songs,  inadvertently putting the Word of God into my heart where it began to do a good work in me.
(Trust me, there was a LOT of work to be done to clean up my past mess.)
I sang them through the week, replacing the song of the world in me.
Unfortunately, some time later, those scripture songs fell from fashion, and were replaced in the churches by more contemporary music,
       which may have sounded more trendy, but the words were emptier, and were soon worn out with overuse,
             only to be replaced with other contemporary songs of the same "What's-Hot-Now" caliber.
I am sure it made someone a lot of money, and they do sound good,
      but I am always grateful for all the scripture I memorized through those old scripture songs,             
            which helped stabilize me firmly in the Word at a critical time in my life.  
This is the sum:
       Music is the key to memorization.
              Memorization is the key to meditation.
                      Meditation is the key to (spiritual) Success and Prosperity 
                               (and, from Joshua 1:8, don't forget to "DO")
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