Job Opportunites

Can you play and sing this music?
We are searching for capable, enthusiastic, (and available) singer/musicians to re-organize a future performing band to take The WORD out in concert. Since we take our part in spiritual warfare seriously, a serious prayer-life relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is required, including a daily quiet time before Him, and in His Word, the Bible.
If you are not doing that now, you probably aren't the one we are looking for.
If you have the "gift of criticism," you probably aren't the one as well. 
We are not out to become stars, (Jesus is the star, not us)
           or to make a big pile of money, (we give our music away, and don't charge for concerts)
but you can expect the Lord will meet your needs and a bit extra,
            and expect to learn a lot of scripture, producing unexpected insights, 
            and expect to experience the great joy of using your gifts to minister for Him . . .
Of special interest to us is someone who has already put some scripture to music on his own.
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Pray about joining us, then contact us via the information on the contact page.  Let's talk.
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