Help Us

On this page we are asking for your help.
Firstly, and most importantly, for your prayers,
                                           that we might be effective in making Him known,
                                           that we might not mess up with our responsibility before Him,
                                           that we might not lose our focus.  
Secondly, you can help us greatly by spreading the Word to others.
         Let them know that we are free,
            and won't subject them to constant nagging via daily e-mail or mailings.         
         Are there magazines or periodicals you read, in which we could advertise our website? Let us know.
I remember (the late) Keith Green years ago,
       lamenting that he had ever gotten involved with professional profit-motivated recording companies.
              They had complete control over the sales of his first album, including it's price tag.
                        But, as I remember, he sold subsequent albums himself directly;
                                      the asking price was "whatever you can afford."
I always liked that approach.
It does not cost $15 to produce a CD. It is less than that. MUCH less.
To date, we have distributed over 10,000 cassette tapes and CD's.
             (We stopped counting at 10,000 long ago.)
We have NEVER sold a tape or CD, and don't plan to start now.
Instead we have seen some of God's people catch the vision of what we are trying to do,
           and come forward to help out with the costs involved.
Now we are taking on a new venue, this website. As you probably know, there are costs involved. 'Nuff said.
We believe the Lord will speak to some to help with the costs involved to keep the WORD available for free.
If you cannot afford to help, or don't care to help, that's okay with us.
          Use the music to deepen your walk as a gift from us, with our blessing.
But if you can help, and want to, even with a small amount, we are most grateful,
          and expect that the Lord will increase your vision and blessing,
                     as you offer a bit of yourself to be used by Him to put this music into the ears of another.
That's His way, and that's why we do what we do.   I Corinthians 9:18

For your information:
            At this point, donations made to "The WORD" are NOT tax deductable, as we are not yet  501 (c) (3) qualified.
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